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I find guys like 5x more attractive if I find out they’re vegan.

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Hahaha this remembered me my mom.

Precious! :)

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Humane meat is bullshit, is just a name created to make you feel less guilty about what you eat.


Humane meat is bullshit, is just a name created to make you feel less guilty about what you eat.

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Why veganism?


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Oooo! voxamberlynn is following me. I’ve been following her and Saykiara on instagram for a year or so. Didn’t know you had a tumblr! What a small world.

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How to make cleavage

Reblogging this for all of my mtf sisters out there that might not know how to make a nice cleavage, this is a really great how-to. Check it out!

Signal boosting for my followers! :) Just remember, ladies and non-binary cleavage lovers, that those silicone bras can be tightened to a point where you can hurt yourself and you should avoid this. Try not to wear excessively tightened bras for more than a few hours at a time, take them off when you go to sleep, and if you begin to bruise or get rashes in the general bra area, don’t wear them for a few days. Also, if it hurts immediately, readjust!

I often see warnings about this for binders for the ftm crowd, but it’s important to remember that anything strapped tightly around your chest can cause harm and circulation issues. Stay safe, dearies, and look fabulous! 

I went and read the YouTube comments and they are all so sweet! Man, there are some humans out there.

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It’s sad to know that people have forgotten we share the Earth with animals. They’re Earthlings, just as we are. Their lives have value. Just because we don’t understand them in the sense that our communication is limited, doesn’t mean they’re unintelligent or should be exploited for our greed. 

18,000 vegans


Oh, the notes. I bet 80% of them are “You can love animals without being vegan!”

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Anonymous asked: If a straight guy is attracted to a trans women he is still straight or is he bisexual


Fun game: Cover the word “trans” in that sentence and read it back to yourself, there’s your answer 

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