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Why Elephants Don’t Belong in Zoos!

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[Updated 4:40 PM EST 19 August, 2014]

You found the vegan, or should I say 1101 vegans! Follow some of them! Here are some other good vegan resources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. If you are a vegan and would like to be on the list send…



This is what you look like as a baby in Fallout 3

i love you, small son

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vegans that think they care more about animals just because they don’t use or eat animal products make my eyes roll so hard

I’d love to hear how you can care so much about animals while willingly and voluntarily contributing to their deaths, abuse, and exploitation. Oh, did you just mean pets? I forgot about the part where only they are real animals.

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No meat, no milk, no wool, no silk,
No eggs, no honey, my choice, my money..
No shooting, no snares, no coursing of hares,
No circus, no zoo, no rodeo too..
No fur, no leather, no saddle, no tether,
No eggs, no fish, no cruelty’s my wish..
No feathers, no suede, no ivory trade,
No poison of ‘pests’, no animal tests..
No killing, no using, my values, my choosing,
No cage, no pen, no veal crate again..
No hunting, no breeding, no hurting, no bleeding,
No feedlot, no kill floor, no tail dock, no declaw..
No blood, no bones, no screams, no moans,
No suffering, no pain, their freedom, my gain!

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This is going to sound crazy but it works every damn time: cinnamon tea for yeast infections. Just boil some cinnamon sticks and wash/douche with the cinnamon water. It doesn’t hurt or burn. It works really well and is cheap and vegan.

Hey, I’ve never heard of that before. Thanks! A peeled clove of garlic in the vagina overnight with a slit cut in it can also help an early yeast infection. 

Woah my mind is blown

DO NOT DOUCHE. Why do people still do this?! The vagina is self-cleansing. It does not need to be cleaned.

I think you ran through the post a bit fast. Douching a healthy vagina is bad, yes. They’re saying to douche with cinnamon water when you have a yeast infection as an alternative to using chemical antifungals.

Oh, one last tip for everyone; coconut oil is an antifungal and can help prevent yeast infections and be used in conjunction with other cures. It can also be used during or after sex to prevent yeast infections caused by sex. 

Anonymous asked: I have a question for you. You're vegan and a cruelty free shopper, however, do you think you'll ever transition to human cruelty free? Obviously no company puts a happy asian face on their packaging that says "workers get treated like humans!" but do you think that you'll stop buying from brands/companies who's products come from asia (china, japan), india, africa etc (where the work conditions are inhuman and the pay is next to nothing)?

I already do/ try to! :)